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Længste distance
sidste 2 dage
1. Jannick Kjersgaard (49)
13.92 km Løb - Restitution

2. Steen Karlsen (59)
11.3 km Løb

3. palle ROSEN Madsen (69)
10.41 km Løb - Bakke

Hurtigste træningspas
sidste 2 dage
1. Steen Karlsen (59)
11.3 km Løb
11.87 km/t

2. palle ROSEN Madsen (69)
10.41 km Løb - Bakke
11.81 km/t

3. palle ROSEN Madsen (69)
3.38 km Løb
11.43 km/t

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Articles on races


Paula Radcliffe steps up her marathon training for the Beijing Olympics
by Torben C G Jensen, 29-07-2008

Paula Radcliffe is trying to cram in months of tra

It was about the only sound emerging from the Radcliffe camp in the French Pyrenees, where the emphasis has been on suppressing information on her attempt to cram months of training into a few weeks.

It is understood that she is in full training after recovering from the stress fracture that threatened her Olympic participation. After weeks of pool work and running on a gravity-reducing treadmill, Radcliffe, 34, is pouring everything into getting fit enough to be a medal contender.

However, she will lose several days from her schedule to travel back to Britain and then to the team's pre-Games camp in Macau, giving her only two more weeks of training to reach the standard needed in the heat, humidity and pollution of Beijing.

Dave Collins, the UK Athletics performance director, said Radcliffe would be given all the time she needed, and she could leave it until the day before the race to confirm that she was ready. She is expected in Macau early next week, and is due to arrive in the Olympic Village on Aug 12.

Hayley Haining, Radcliffe's official reserve, completed yesterday's Great Welsh Run over 10km in Cardiff, finishing fourth in 32 min 24 sec.

Kilde: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

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